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Video Series

Kerrie Hoffman is sharing with you the concepts and frameworks from Chapter 6 of "Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Vol 3)".

You will learn:

Why we are moving from Traditional Business in the Industrial Age to Digital Business in The Next Age

How to develop a Digitally Expanded Mindset

Why the Digital Flow Framework™ is the gateway to the 3 Keys to achieve Digital Velocity

Resource Guide

Kerrie is also sharing a resource guide on how to develop the 5 aspects of a Digitally Expanded Mindset ™. This is a prerequisite to removing the mental models and obstacles to fully stepping into The Next Age™.

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Extended resources from Kerrie Hoffman's chapter - "Digital Mindset Required: Preparing Small Business for a Quantum Leap". Find the book "Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Vol 3)" on

ABOUT is an ecosystem of businesses igniting the human experience at work. We utilize Digital Business Models with one goal – enabling the journey as companies move from the Industrial Age to The Next Age™.


Get Digital Velocity

Get Digital Velocity provides digital strategy and roadmap services to large companies to accelerate their move to frictionless business



FocalPoint Business Coaching provides digital advisory, executive/business coaching, and team workshops to enable business leaders and companies to adopt digital business models, grow their business, and elevate relevancy


Keynote Speaking, Author, and Freelance

Keynote Speaking, Author and Freelance engagements increase learning velocity to enable a new way of working as we transition to The Next Age



Kerrie is a Business Transformation & Human Potential expert. She empowers businesses owners and leaders to reach beyond their perceived potential and adopt Digital Business Models so they can move at the new speed of business.

Kerrie is passionate about business transformation and getting as many companies as possible on their journey to The Next Age™. Kerrie is a #1 Bestselling Business Author and CEO of Hoffman Digital, an ecosystem of companies “Igniting the Human Experience at Work”. This includes Strategic Advisor at several Modern Technology Companies, Co-founder and Partner at Get Digital Velocity, and Digital Advisor and Certified Business Coach at Focal Point Business Coaching. In addition, she is a Keynote Speaker at Industry venues and Chairman of the Board for Hashed In Malaysia.

Prior to her current roles, Kerrie spent 30+ years in 3 corporations as an intra-preneur and business transformer. She has worked in several roles including CIO, Operations, Supply Chain and Sales. Having worked in a variety of Industries, her previous employers include Aurora Health Care, Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson Controls.

When not focused on her business, Kerrie is spending time with family, camping, creating unique jewelry, or reading the latest geeky material on the future of technology.

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